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"I don't think I can keep my eyes open any longer."

"Nor me, but I want to close them on the image of you in my arms."

^That was a sleepy conversation two of my characters had last night. Aren't they lovely? ~hugs self~ ~hugs them~
I'd forgotten how generally lovely it was to go to sleep in character and how even lovelier it is to then wake up in character, look over at the other guy, smile, snuggle up to him, and drift off to sleep again.
So few people understand the characters thing, and I guess I don't really expect people to, even though I find it so simple. But it's just so *good* to be someone else for a while.

And these two weren't meant to happen (I swear, the one of them that I generally am goes through men like other people go through cheap batteries) which may cause all sorts of bad things later on, but last night was just...beautiful.

*looks up from plate of pasta* "What?"
"Er, nothing. I was just watching you eat."
*raises eyebrows* "Er...Why?"
"I was thinking about how they say that people with well-defined cheekbones give great head." *pause* "Fuck, I'm drunk."
*longer pause* "How drunk?"
*puts plate down, gets up, walks across and kneels* "How. Drunk. Are you?"

It wasn't meant to happen.
But I think it had to.

I love my characters.


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