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Oh, ok, fine. And, makeup.

Life doesn't suck. wechsler is lovely (no, he hasn't done anything, he just is) and asrana loves me and I'm rereading dj_pooka's story that he wrote for me, and, y'know. People love me. Which is good.

But I'm sending e-mails into the ether, ones that will never get replied to. Why am I doing it? Because I need to let people know that I care, even if they don't care that I care.

Today I kicked around on LJ contemplating makeup on various guys. Yesterday I was thinking at someone "wear full-on not-the-Crow-honest makeup for me, please oh please". At someone else thinking "please don't (over)do it, it would change the way you're attractive and I like the way you are now".
Someone else thinks a certain colour doesn't suit them (wrong); someone else seems to have stopped wearing lipstick (wrong); 'tis a complicated business.

So I ask you this : Gentlemen, if you wear makeup, why do you wear it and what do you think suits you best?
Ladies, do you like men to wear makeup? Why? Why not?

Something of a preoccupation of mine. Please answer...I am very very curious.

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