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Something weird is happening. Film at eleven, I suspect.

I wish I knew that it was something good. I wish I trusted people to make offers and decisions based on what *they* wanted, not on what I've told them I want. It's very sweet that they want to make me happy, but I'd much rather they thought harder about what it does to me when I find out they were predominantly doing something for my benefit, that they wouldn't have done otherwise.
Selfishness is occasionally a virtue, kids. Truly.

Incidentally, I've just downloaded 'Starfuckers, Inc.' (NIN) and it's bloody brilliant. But I'm sure the version I danced to was different. They're overfond of doing different versions of their songs, damn it.

~deeper sigh~ I suppose I'd better e-mail some people and ask some questions, then. I don't know. Why do people ask me things they're more likely to know the answers to themselves? Argh.


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