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Of stupid Americans, random compliments, and boots. And, this guy.

Stupid Americans. Bah. A whole bunch of them had booked tickets together, and when they got to the concert hall they found that the tickets weren't all in the same block, but scattered around the hall. They decided to ignore this and all sit together. With the result that several distinguished regulars came up and said in outraged tones "There's a gentleman/lady sitting in my seat!" Idiots. Grr.

But in the interval, completely randomly, a lady came up to me and said "I just had to say, you have the most beautiful hair. Titian should paint you; it's truly lovely." Meep.

Boots? Well - can't believe it's taken me this long to tell you about this, but. Wore my new boots to work on Sunday, and was standing waiting for the lift at the tube station when the lift guy sidled over to me. I currently have a badge saying "Yes" on my coat, and he looked at it and said "Yes to what?" While I was trying to think of an answer, he looked me up and down very obviously and said "Yes to just about any question I ask you, judging by those boots..." and wandered off!
It's true then; I am a whore. ~grin~ With fuck-me-please boots. Apparently.

And, this guy.
~blush~ I think he likes me. ~blushes more~ I like him, too.
~falls over laughing~ Never mind. It's just funny.


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