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...stolen from katyha.

What is Your Favorite Word?

Oh my. I don't have one, though. Hmm.
My favourite words that are favourites because they're just so pretty include (among countless others that don't spring to mind just now: eyeshadow, sparkle, miaow, pearl, knife, mistress, marquis, hyacinth.
My favourites to say include : whisper (and its French counterpart chuchoter), kitten, sweet, swift, glittering, stop.

*ahem* My favourites to hear are widely known. ~whistles innocently~

What is Your Least Favorite Word?

Moist. Closely followed by urge, fondle, and eatery. Hideous hideous words. Ick, ick, ick. ~shudder~

What Turns You On?

Words. ~g~ Certain ones, anyway. Knives, and other sharp metal things. Satin. Songs, occasionally. Knowing someone wants me. Mind control. High heels. Makeup, most especially on men. Blood. And many things associated with various people.

What Turns You Off?

As an immediate off-switch kind of thing, generally it's simple lack of style - either in word or in movement.

What Sound Do You Love?

Various musical things, certain other people's voices, the sound of a throat being slit in a film (it's just such an unique sound), hearing myself gasp, thunder.

What Sound Do You Hate?

Things which set my teeth on edge - cutlery on plates, nails on blackboards and that. People singing out of tune. My ex-girlfriend's laughter. ~s~

What is Your Favorite Curse Word?

Most of them have their amusement value. But 'pants' is just the king of curse words. Mild but brilliant. ~s~

What Profession Other than Yours Would You Like To Attempt?

I have no profession. I'm going to be a star, darling.
Oh, or prostitution, if I thought it would work.

What Profession Would You Not Like to Participate In?

Doctor, nurse, street cleaner, checkout girl, politician, chambermaid, the list goes on.

If Heaven Exists, What Would You Like to Hear God Say When You Arrive At The Pearly Gates?

"Welcome to the New Romantic Dungeon"? ~grin~


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