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Oh, I love Val. And asrana. And Rebecca. And Vered. And Cassie. And...yeah. ~s~ And I love my friends here, too.
We went to a karaoke bar last night. ~attempts to look mortified, fails, and giggles a lot instead~ We didn't get to sing, but 'twas fun anyway. And I love watching my friends get drunk. ~g~

You know, I think I've made a (faintly scary) decision. There's a band that've been quietly and unobtrusively cracking me up for...oh...months now. And I decided ages ago that I wasn't going to get so amused by them that I'd buy anything they released, because I don't actually *like* their music, they just make me laugh.
To give you some idea of what they're like, I've just peeped into a website on them and the introduction runs :
"Dusk Has Enveloped The Land, And Pale Diana Shines With All Her Glory Down Upon The Land. As The Whispering Forest Beckons Thee Towards It's Ebon Grasp, You Wonder....What Fate Awaits Me In The Forest? Give In, Allow Your Instinct To Take Over, Float Headlong Into What Will Surely Be Your Demise. Enter The Moonlight Gate Into Carpathia.....

This Page Is Created And Maintained By Lord Damien Jared Arcturus Demeter."

~giggles a LOT~ So...you see what I mean. You'd think they'd be known as Death Metal, but...um...someone asked the lead singer and he said they were Heavy Funk, and I suppose he should know best. ~giggles more~

What originally drew my attention to them was that the singer was fucking cute. The next thing I realised was that he was also fucking short....~giggles even more~

But I resisted, until I saw the title of their latest album. It's called..."Bitter Suites To Succubi".

That's actually not the album I'll be getting. I'll be getting "Midian", because it includes the fabulous "Her Ghost In The Fog" and the ever amusing "Lord Abortion" (rhyming "spasm" with "orgasm" and the line "The bucks fizz of amyl nitrate" - deserves a Novello award, that does.)

The band, of course, are Cradle Of Filth - although, being a Responsible Citizen, I do have to point out that they could potentially be found a little offensive. (This is the band that famously brought out the "Jesus Is A C__t" t-shirts, after all. First T-shirt ever to be seized by the police. ~pause~ Is *everything* this band does just really funny, or is it just me?)

No, it's *not* just me...their "Merchandise" page contains a section for album, a section for t-shirts, and a section for - and I quote - "Misc. Objects (necklaces, pendants, & goblets)".

A band that can sell a fan an official goblet. "I've got the Cradle Of Filth goblet, man!" Tee hee hee hee.

So I'll be *getting* that album as soon as I make it into Brighton (possibly tomorrow if the buses are running)...even though the music is...well...calling it "music" is being kind for a start.

ANYway. Yes. And by the way, "Her Ghost In The Fog" is actually quite a good song (just looked up the lyrics) - but it's difficult to make the lyric sheet match ickle Dani's screaming on the record.

Ramble. Ramble ramble. /Ramble.


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