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Well, I meant to sleep, but I got phone calls and texts and just woke up eventually. But, um, apparently flannelcat rang me, and I can't for the life of me remember it, and I wish he'd call again 'cause I really wanted to speak to him and I can't imagine why I didn't when he rang. ~bangs head on desk~

Oh, and looking through websites for photos (why do I need to stalk someone when I've met him already? I don't know...) I find that I can recognise him from a thumbnail photo in which he's mostly hidden by someone else. How? I recognise the hat. ~shakes head~ I've gotten too good at this, I'm starting to scare myself. ~laughs~

Later : I trust this one. This one was down-to-earth and noncommittal and (actually) only (actually) featured one catchphrase.
Let this stand as a record : I trust the conversation I just had. If it turns out that trust is misplaced - again - I can come back and look at this and give myself the appropriate kick in the head.
~sigh~ I didn't realise you were still reading my journal.

OK, I'm going to try to sleep again now.* I have to work tomorrow afternoon, but, flannelcat, text me when you're awake and available to be called tomorrow? Please? I'd like to speak to you and I'm sorry I was so hopeless as to answer the phone in my sleep...~s~


*Oh, ok, once I've kicked KaZaA into downloading 'Last Train To Trancentral', because I'm a sentimental kitten, and it doesn't matter that I don't think it's a great song, I was standing on the edge of the Ballroom when it started and looking across the sea of faces searching for one that I knew wasn't there. And I danced to Non-Stop Violence and wept and choked on your name. Actually.
...the fuck? The whole of KaZaA has just decided to go into Wingdings! ~early hours of the morning hysterical giggles~ Honey, I can't decide if it's the KLF's fault or yours...

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