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Well, that was interesting. ~s~

Last night I rang up Dominic at midnight and got off the phone at ten to five. I'm tired. ~kitten rubs eyes with paws~
But talking to him is a Very Good Thing. And I knew that.
I didn't realise that he'd return the favour, though. ~g~ Um, he's always been good with words. Stands to reason he'd bve good with Words, too...~meep~ ~cough~ It was fun.

And...over the last few months more than one person has accused me of bringing out something in them that they don't usually let out, and I got accused of it again last night, and I...I like it. I like unlocking people, even just a little. He said he hasn't written anything for anyone in a long while, and now he's going to, for me. I like that.

Just...anyone who's been around for the whole Dominic saga will know how strange this is. ~shakes head~ My brain hurts. In a good way. ~g~

Oh, and to quote him - "Beat poetry and D/s don't go together." ~laughs~

Anyway. Today we have yet more guests (why can't mum realise the days after Christmas are for doing nothing in?) and this evening I really hope to speak to dennyd - I miss him a great deal.
And I miss K. I hope....eh. I just hope.
And I miss Cambridge, especially one or two people in it. ~tilts head~ Every night as I'm going to bed I get a moment's flicker of "Where are you...?" before I remember that no, you're not actually supposed to be there...


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