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So here it is...

I feel slightly better now from a friends point of view, but things with the family have been really good the last few days and still seem to be, so I'm trying to enjoy that. I can worry about my friends on the 26th. ~sigh~

Happy Christmas, kids. Our tree is covered in white and gold and silver, the two sets of lights strategically placed to make everything sparkle just that bit more, surrounded by what are genuinely symbols of how much my family love each other. I can't ask for more for Christmas.

Yes. I can. I can ask that my friends be happy.

It's more important to me than anything, and I wish I could be with them and holding the ones that want to be held and just listening to the ones who need listening to. But I can't. My love is with you, though. And my phone is still on tonight if anyone needs to talk. And. ~hugs~. And stuff.


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