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Go on then.

This version nicked from aegidian.

Five things that 2002 taught me:

* Giving yourself to someone isn't the answer.
* I don't look that stupid when I dance - at least, nobody laughs any more.
* What doesn't kill you really does make you stronger - or, me, anyway.
* People change. Sometimes in the space of two hours, two drinks, or two lines.
* I really really like BDSM. ~g~ No, I had no idea of this beforehand.

Five personally significant events of 2002:

* Everything that happened with giolla.
* Leaving school. At last.
* Meeting the Cambridge people - especially wildeabandon, valkyriekaren, nisaba and Vince, who've all given me confidence I never thought I'd have.
* K.
* My involvement with aegidian. It taught me a lot.
* (Yes, I know, but I'm allowed a sixth because I say so) E-mailing ciphergoth in January.

Five things I want to do in 2003:

* Know what I'm doing when and how I'm going to afford it.
* Play, lots and lots and lots. Any volunteers? ~g~
* WHITBY! And see more of ciphergoth.
* Dance. As much and as often as I can.
* Dress up and turn up to some event or other with [x person] and make heads turn. In a good way. ~s~

Five things I don't want to do in 2003:

* Have any more near-death experiences of quite such a ludicrous nature.
* Hurt as much.
* See as little of asrana as I seem to have this year. ~hugs~
* Lose touch with Ritchie, Mary-Anne, hand_wash_only or Tash - schoolfriends I truly want in my life for many years to come.
* Let mum talk me into trying to go to University.

And the bonus list:
LJ people who I'd like to know better in 2003:

* emarkienna.
* grahamb.
* wechsler.
* dennyd.
* bootpunk.

SNYK. Oh gods, I have to deliver Christmas presents to the lunatic next door. Help!


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