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Normal service will be resumed shortly...

...at least, here at home it will, as dad's off sulking somewhere and mum's got to the stage where she drops all the presents in the middle of the floor, looks at me in disappointment and says "Why don't you ever do anything to help anyone?" When I point out that I've offered to help her pack presents, cook, and to help nanna cook, today, she says "No, I mean people who *need* help."
Later she will complain that I'm not helping her. ~s~ But never mind, it's Christmas.

Speaking of which, it will have been noted that I suck and didn't get around to doing cards - this is because if I'd wanted to get even half of them done I think I'd have had to start in August. Next year I'll be organised. But you all should know how very much I love you, and I wish you a wonderful 25th December, whatever you happen to be doing with it. ~HUGS to all~

Last night I drifted off to sleep after a text message conversation with the Dominic which consisted mainly of "-scritches-" "~purrs~" ...it's not even that we've picked up where we left off, or anything nearly as logical as that - it's like the opposite concept to 'closure', as if we've put an end to the bad things and memories by creating a beginning of good ones. Or, er, something. Ramble, ramble, blah.

dennyd, I do love you. Take care. ~hugstight~

I don't half miss you all, though. ~blows kisses and glitter hearts in the general direction of her friends list~


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