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Bored now. ~s~ While I wait for dennyd to show up...

On the CD player:
Reggae. Any reggae, really, but Bob Marley is worse than anything else.
On the radio: Bits of Xfm, I guess. Actually, the man Gervais has a show on there now, doesn't he? So yes, definitely Xfm.
On the TV: Hmm. This Morning presented by Ainsley Harriet and Jilly Goulden. ~shudders~
In the VCR: Anything my parents want to watch - especially The Ladykillers.
Your spouse/partner: Jamie Oliver - for want of being able to use an LJ name, anyway. I'm not that unkind.
Your dinner: Bubble & Squeak with calf's liver - something my mother genuinely enjoys.
Your clothes: Anything yellow.
Your hair: More than 4" shorter than it is now.
Your library: The entire Penguin Classics series.
Your dwelling: Anything smaller than this house. This house is too small anyway, really.
Your neighbourhood: Anywhere in the middle of England.
Your job: Telesales or a McJob.
Having a conversation with: Stupid people. ~s~

On the CD player:
The Ultimate Electronica Goth Type Mixed Stuff CD by Me. ~nods~ At the moment, anyway.
On the radio: Wave 105.2 - for some reason I get along really well with that station.
On the TV: TOTP2. Weeks and weeks of it.
In the VCR: Eddie Izzard, or music.
Your spouse/partner: I only get one? I refuse to choose one person. This evening's obsession is a friend of ladymoonray's. Go figure. ~smile~
Your dinner: High class fast food with good company.
Your clothes: Big floaty goth dresses, or else something tight and black and revealing that actually *looked good*, would be nice.
Your hair: Though it would be a nightmare to look after, I'd love my hair to be really ridiculously long - long enough to technically hang myself with, I think.
Your library: Every fantasy book ever written ever.
Your dwelling: Our house in Sussex. It is heaven. Really.
Your neighborhood: See above.
Your job: Fucking superstar, baby. Or at least music journalism. No, really.
Having a conversation with: kitty_goth.

Sometimes you think you really should have met people sooner.
This is especially irritating when you then realise that actually, you still haven't really met them, you just know who they are 'cause you stalk their friends. ~g~


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