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One :
Which sexy boy are you

brought to you by Quizilla

Two : Cough, splutter, as if I needed any more reasons to have heard of D.U.S.T., *ahem*.

Three :

wildeabandon, this is all your fault - for reminding me about writing, and for insisting that x person is prettier than y person. It'sjustnottruedammit. ~g~


"So they call you a prince, do they?" A soft, accented voice from behind one of the curtains. The amused disdain was more than evident, and it riled the prince; they'd sent another one, then. "They call me whatever I tell them to," he replied sweetly, "And what do they call you?"
"My name is Rory, your Highness. But to be honest, they pretty much call me whatever I tell them to, as well."
The prince arched an eyebrow. "Some noble from another kingdom? Let me see you; come in."
A short laugh as the red velvet and gold gauze were brushed aside, and in stepped the latest hope for the king and queen's sanity. The prince regarded him coolly, but the expression the newcomer returned was one of obvious delighted interest. "You are a pretty thing, aren't you?" he murmured, half to himself, "Do you know, I don't even think the rumours are exagerrated."
"If you think you can flatter me into -"
"Oh, heavens no," the man chuckled, "You must be bored out of your mind with people telling you how beautiful you are. I know I am."
There was an obvious answer to that, but the man had a point; he was beautiful, the prince acknowledged silently, appraising again the fine-boned face and dark intelligent eyes. ...tbc



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