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Randomness. Again.

I've got two new albums - "Felt Mountain" by Goldfrapp and "Poses" by Rufus Wainwright. I'm not sure about the Goldfrapp but I am sure about one thing - if you buy one more album this year, make it "Poses". It's astonishing. For those of you who've been saying "they don't write 'em like that any more," this album actually answers both "well, actually they do" *and* "no - they write them better." Something about his voice goes straight down my spine, and the songs, all written by him, are stunning and occasionally extravagant; the lyrics are sharp and poignant and have something of Boy George about them, which is no bad thing.

ANYway. I've been looking for ages for the origins of these lines; can anyone help me?

"Come on now, step into the light
Don't move now, yeah, that's just right
I hope that you've got all night
'Cause I'm not done looking at you yet."

Another piece of advice : hold onto what you have. This comes as a result of a *hell* af an evening yesterday, which I can only be thankful wasn't *my* evening but the waking nightmare of the Nick that I play. It all seems very, um, overly alarmist now, but it was awful at the time. So hang onto the people you love. And always make sure you ring 1571 when you've been out.

Ummm, think that's all. I'm in a quietly exasperated state of mind, but I'm going to go wake asrana up - I *wish* I could stop being in love with her brother - and that'll probably cheer me up.

I got more records, by the way. Always good. Yay.


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