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Oh...I love places like this.

Mage of The Duct-Taped Gerbil Rehabilitation Association of North America (DTGRANA), Mother Emily Woolf

Or, if you prefer - and my favourite so far, without question -
Thighmaster Gardener of Silly Boys and Their Bad Musical Taste, Emily Woolf
Or indeed
Lesser Countess Junior Grade of Woolen Mufflers, Small Kitchen Appliances and Men in Tights, Emily H. Woolf
Or you could call me
Shah Junior Grade of The Institute of Going A Bit Mad in Helsinki, Emily Woolf
I could spend all day here, by which time you'd have to call me
Sheikh of Quantum Leaping, Boxer Briefs and Golf Ball Washers, Emily Wolf Woolf XV
Or perhaps
Alderman of Rickety Foot Bridges, Emily Woolf
Or you could use my official *official* title, which is
Sub Founder of The Mauve Army of Cats, Emily Woolf
Rather than the unofficial official one, being
Attaché of The Rainbow Connection, Emily Woolf
Or how about
Mistress of The Inept Navy of Don Pardo, Emily Woolf
Or even
Sub-Accountant of The Reformed Order of Kicking Oprah's Ass, Emily Toastmaster Woolf.
(Toastmaster??? Well, it's better than "Hannah" I guess.)

Acting Fuhrerin of The Institute for Promotion of Rhinoceroseseses, Emily Woolf, the First Which Beareth Said Name

Tee hee.

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