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And bounce! And sigh. And bounce!

Up and down like Jason Donovan, I swear. ~shakes head~

Saw a man about a job. Will have another job to add to my collection next year. Actually what the orchestra I'll be doing admin stuff for are doing is wonderful and fascinating, and I'll be very glad to be involved.

And got back and read friends page and sighed. Eventually I will be able to avoid the depression it induces knowing what a wonderful time everyone I want to be with has with someone else I want to be with. I don't want it to upset me as I'm truly happy for all concerned. It'll get better.

And then checked user info and saw someone else has listed me as a friend. But I didn't expect it to be you! Thank you! ~smile~

B-Movie tonight, emomisy this afternoon. ~bounce~
emomisy is still a man with a big stick, so this is good. And this evening I will be a kitten with claws, and hopefully able to use them, and this is good, too.

And I must must must go and make cards. Must. Bad me. Someone tell me to go and make cards, or I'll be sitting here for ages...

Later : See? Still here. ~s~ But I'm going, honest. But, yay! nisaba's making it down for B-Movie! Yay! ~bounces~


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