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More presents, and things!

Got a few more things today - not as many as I'd hoped, but I will go home and pick up more cash and see what I can do.

Camden. Is full. Of stripy tights.
For reasons best known to...probably only one of you, this is...not conducive to concentration. ~g~

But anyway. I bought more stuff! And saw ladymoonray and swisstone, which was lovely. And had a generally good day, which will later turn into a good evening which I will be spending with pringle. ~bounce~ It's been at least a month and a half...

I'm really very worried I've somehow managed to make someone I care deeply about not want to talk to me; I can't work out how I've done it, though, so I'll just hope it's only circumstance, and wait.

And everyone has to come to B-Movie next Friday because asrana's Christmas present to me is a fantastic top which I'll be wearing, and everyone has to see it. Silver glittery Marc Bolan on black...can't be bad. ~bounce bounce bounce~


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