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I dreamed about Cthulhu, about being dennyd and chasing Homer Simpson through New York..

...I think I need help.

More shopping today, then. Yay!
Must remember it's only the beginning of the month and I still need to have money...really...
But. Camden! Cyberdogbouncebouncebouncebouncebounce - I went and stood inside it for about a minute yesterday and felt totally regenerated. And to think I used to hate it so much.


First off, what's your name?
Why did your parents name you that, and do you wish they hadn't? Named after Emily Bronte. I hate the name, but they could hardly have christened me Kitten, now could they?
How old are you? 18
How old are you emotionally? Varies between 8, 18 and 35.
How about mentally? Early 20s, I think.


Let's get this one over with- have you ever even had sex before?
~shrug~ No.
If you're a virgin, do you plan on having sex before you get married? Why or why not? No. Nor afterwards, either. Oh, and I'm not getting married. Sheesh.
Are you straight, bisexual, gay, or lesbian? Yes.
Do you feel comfortable talking about sexual things or uncomfortable? Depends on who I'm talking with.
Do you feel comfortable talking about sexual things regarding your own experiences, what turns you on, etc.? *Really* depends on who I'm talking with. Explaining why someone cutting me turns me on to my parents was not the most fun thing ever.
Do you, or have you ever masturbated? Do you think it's okay for members of the sex opposite your own to masturbate and why or why not? ~blinks~ What? Why on *earth* would it not be ok for them to? I'm completely baffled here. And, yes, of course I have.
On a scale of 1-10, how perverted do you think you are? ~laughs~ In some ways I'm probably somewhere around 15, and in some ways so innocent it would blow your mind. ~g~
If you're a teenager, are your hormones making you undoubtedly horny? Heh. I often say "I'm sorry, I'm just incurably 18", but really, no, I don't think so, it's just whoever I'm with.
Have you ever had a sexual dream before, or "wet dream?" Well - I've had dreams which involved sex, but they didn't seem sexual at the time. ~shrug~
What do you think of pornography? Have you ever seen it? It's very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very funny.
Do you have any fetishes or things that automatically start to turn you on? Lots. And lots and lots. And lots.
Are you flexible? Do flexible people turn you on? Excuse me while I laugh a great deal. No. And no.
How do sex scenes in movies make you feel? Disgusted? Hot? Generally irritated and I wish they'd move on with the plot, already.
Did you lie on, or avoid answering any of the above questions? Surprisingly, no, I didn't.


Do you believe in love as a concept?
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yes.
Do you love them? Why or why not? Of course, for who they are and what they make me feel.
How long have you been together? A month. ~smile~
If you answered no to the first question in this section, do you have a crush? You mean the second question, but I have many crushes as well.
Do you love them? Yes.
On a scale of 1-10, one being the least and ten being the most, how important is your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush to you? ~blinks~ That's absurd. There are people I love and people I'm not interested in, but apart from that, rating anyone against anyone else is impossible.
On a scale of 1-10, how important is the way your boyfriend's/girlfriend's/crush's family feel about you to you? Massively unimportant. Very likely I'll never meet them.
If your family hated your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend, would you still go out with them? Oh, dear. Yes, of course.
Does your family hate your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Not hate, but they're disapproving, 'cause he's another one of those dodgy goth types.
Are you physically attracted to your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend? Why or why not? Um, why would I be going out with him if I wasn't? Of course; he's very very pretty. ~bounce~
Do you think The Beatles were high when they wrote the song, "All You Need is Love?" Eh, the Beatles were high for most of their career.
How do you know when you love someone? It's a feeling in my heart that makes me want to reach out to them. I care about what happens to them and what they're doing. I would drop everything to go to them if they needed help.


Who is/are your best/closest friend/s of the opposite sex?
~thinks~ fluffymark, emomisy, dennyd...not sure about the others.
Who is/are you best/closest friend/s of the same sex? asrana. She's kind of in a place of her own. ~smile~
Name one or two people you know you would die for: ~laughs~ "one or two" it says, so casually. Well. Hmm. ~thinks~ giolla. kitty_goth. Possibly wildeabandon. And I'd die so that moomintroll could go on living, but not 'for' him as such.
On a scale of 1-10, how important are your friends to you? Beyond measuring, dear. Really.
Have you ever fallen in love with a friend? How did that work out, if you did? I do this relatively often. It sucks like a large vacuum cleaner. Next!
How well do your friends know you? Do you think they would still be your friends if they knew EVERYTHING, no exceptions, about you? If so, which friends? Not all of them. But I have no secrets. ~shrug~
Ten years from now, which friends do you hope to still be in touch with? Why? Well, most of them. Obviously.

Oh, this should be fun.

Do you have any diagnosed mental disorders? If so, what? Not yet.
Do you have any undiagnosed mental disorders? If so, what? Perhaps. But since they've not been diagnosed, I don't know.
If you do in fact have a diagnosed or even undiagnosed mental disorder, describe what it feels like and/or your personal experiences with it. "...."
Have you ever been to a therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist before? If so, were they helpful to you? Yes. Singularly unhelpful, although fun and interesting.
Do you think your dreams are a window into your soul? Or do they have any significance at all? Sometimes they change the way I look at people, but they don't reveal anything about me.
Do you feel insecure with your own person? Have a self-esteem problem? If so, why do you think you do? "Self-esteem is a myth". Someone very clever once said this to me and I believe him.

It just gets better.

What religion or system of beliefs, if any, do you subscribe to? Agnostic Judaism. Heh.
Is this a mainstream religion? Better still, it's a nonexistent one.
What do you think about non-mainstream religions? If it's not hurting anyone else (non-consensually) and you don't try to force it on anyone, go ahead.
How much do you actually know about non-mainstream religions? Not a great deal. ~shrug~
Have you ever tried to convert someone to your own religion? Why or why not? Grief, no. Um, unless I worship Duran, in which case, guilty as charged.
What is your overall opinion of televangelists? Amusing for ten minutes, after which a long walk off a short cliff should be prescribed.
What is your opinion of evangelists in general? I don't encounter them much.
If you could ask God or whomever you choose as a supreme being one question, and only one, what would it be? (If you're an atheist just skip ahead.) "Why did you take my best friend away from me?"


Is music important to you? Why or why not?
I'm made of music. It runs in my blood and over my skin all. the. time.
Do you sing? If so, do you sing well? Yes, and yes.
What instruments do you play, if any? Piano and flute, but not very well.
Do you or have you ever written music before? A little, yes.
What do you think of Eminem? He's extremely good and very clever.
In your opinion, what band is the best of all time? (Name a few if you can't decide.) Oh heck. ~thinks hard~ It may actually be Pulp, y'know.

Now for the lightning round. Do you like...

Pop music:
Rock music: Yes. Mostly.
Punk music: Some of it.
Rap music: Honestly? Only white rap. ~s~
Hip-Hop/R&B: Very, very, very rarely.
Country: I've never heard anything I liked.
Jazz: No. No. And no. Honestly, not even if there's a beautiful man singing it at me trying to convince me it's worth listening to.
Classical: Yes. Mostly.
New Age: Depends on whom.
What is one band/singer you absolutely love that no one else does or seems to have heard about? The Associates and Menswe@r.

[Skips section]

~laughs and laughs~ You're American, aren't you. Dear dear.

What is your stance on abortion? For it in all cases.
What is your opinion on gay people being allowed to get married? I can't understand why people would want to get married at all, but if you do, then my blessings on you whoever you are and whoever you're marrying.
What is your opinion on gay couple adopting? The same as on straight couple adopting - that as long as they're in a stable relationship and able to support a child, it can only be a Good Thing.
Do you have a political party affiliation? No. No. No.
What do you think about sex before marriage? ~shrug~ In favour, in an objective way. And sex afterwards. And even during, if you're that kind of person. ~s~
Tell us one thing you're pretty sure no one knows about. I'm buying asrana's Christmas present today. ~smile~

Which type of fantasy furry are you?

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For some reason I suddenly wish for the scent of clove cigarettes. nisaba, I miss you.


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