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Have driven asrana mad by singing the Doom song at her this morning until she hit me. ~g~ grahamb, emomisy, you both have a lot to answer for.

Shopping, now.
Soho, and then Camden. ~perk~ Yay, shopping! Presents for people! Yay!

I love buying people presents. ~bounce~

I'm planning on buying a very unwise present for someone I barely know, today. fluffymark, if you were paying attention you might be able to guess - do text me and tell me it's a silly idea before I actually spend my money, won't you? ~laughs~
Hmm....maybe I'll just buy it and send it anonymously.
Tee hee. Wicked evil plans of doom.

~shakes head~ I'm sane, really. I just love buying presents for people.

~goes to search through photographs~


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