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"Four o'clock in the morning, you ain't home...I can't help thinking that's strange..."

Well, I am home now, though. And eating lasagne, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. ~smile~

Wonderful, wonderful night. Electric Dreams played fabulous music, I danced like a mad thing (but not as mad as the man in the blue shiny jacket and the flouncy shirt; now he was *silly*...)
And I spent lots of time with the unutterably lovely fluffymark and emarkienna, who also incredibly sweetly walked me home. ~shakes head~ Thank you both. You really are wonderful.

Really good music. Beautiful and wonderful company. Bounce. ~nod~

And. ~smile, purr~ Possibly I actually owe alcohol some thanks, as some stuff almost came within a cat's whisker of happening, I think.

And fluffymark is very very pretty indeed. And emarkienna is really quite extraordinarily beautiful.

Oh, and they played 'Sex Dwarf' and 'Closer'. Under the circumstances I thought that was really quite amusing....

~smiles~ ~daydreams~ ~smiles~ ~purrs~


"I would like you on a long black leash...I would parade you down the high street..." It's on loop in my head. Can'tthinkwhy.

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