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Morning all...

Sleep is good. ~smile~ I have a singing lesson later (and I'm actually going to remember to *go* to this one, honest) and then I'm going home to Sussex for a few days...I'm singing in a concert that's being recorded, tomorrow, but not terribly nervous 'cause it's only one thing and it's fairly easy. I'll just be bored for the rest of the concert. ~g~

Which books are you reading now?
Still not finished 'A History Of The World In Ten And A Half Chapters' by Julian Barnes - mainly because I don't want it to end yet! Also a fair way through 'Cat's Eye' by Margaret Atwood, which I'm not enjoying but want to finish and have brilliantly managed to leave at excelsis's. ~s~ Go me.

When is your favourite time to read?
Hmm. Train journeys have been good recently, and days at home in Sussex where there's nothing to do, and I always read before I go to sleep.

Where is your favourite place to read?
Doesn't matter so long as it's comfortable.

What is the first book you remember reading?
Hmm. I can't remember what I was reading outside school when in school they gave us pathetic stories about people dressed in primary colours and I got fed up and asked for something more interesting. But even then I got given school readers, just from further years up. Stories about cowboys who helped each other lots - one of them was called Laurie which became my favourite name for ages - and about princes and princesses. The prince in the story was so beautiful - blah blah 18th century obsession blah.

What is your favourite quotation?
I have many, but most of them aren't from books.

Who is your favourite novelist?
It's probably David Eddings, just because of how much I love his books. JK Rowling and Terry Pratchett are up there too.

Which school text did you most enjoy?
What, things we read in class, you mean? Oh god, I loathed every one of those, they were all ruined by idiots in the class who......read.......like.........this.......
Ahem. But I used to steal the other classes' books and read them, so I guess that might count - and in that case definitely 'The Haunting' by Margaret Mahy.

What is the most difficult book you have ever read?
I don't think I've ever found a book difficult to understand or follow, which I think is what the question means. But I found 'Pride And Prejudice' and 'Enduring Love' (Ian McEwan) very difficult to get through because I hated them both so much. And I found 'The Picture Of Dorian Gray' impossible to finish because it was torturing me so much.

What is the most erotic book you have read?
Certainly none of the erotica I've ever read...~s~ ~thinks~ Moments in 'Magic's Pawn' by Mercedes Lackey, just because of how they're written. Likewise 'The Toll Bridge' by Aidan Chambers. Neither of these are really meant to be. ~shrug~
Hmm. I don't know. The most erotic things I've read tend to be fanfic, actually. ~g~ (HP fanfic - 'Clued' by Ailei - wins on that front.)

What is your funniest book?
Hmm. Anything by Bill Bryson. I find him funnier even than Mr. Pratchett.

And saddest?
I've cried at lots of things in lots of books. It tends to be moments in books that make me cry, not the entire book...

What is your favourite children's book?
The Green Knowe books by Lucy M. Boston. Everyone should read them.

What is your most overrated book?
Blasted Pride And Prejudice. I can't tell you how much I hated it.

Name your most underrated book
I'll go with 'The Toll Bridge' by Aidan Chambers. It's just one of those things.

Who is your favourite character?
Oh, glory.
Prince Kheldar from David Eddings' Belgariad and Malloreon series. Because although I love Javelin (from the same books) more, it's the Javelin I yanked out of the books and built a history around, not the one you only see briefly there.

Which characters do you hate most?
~shudder~ Liselle, from the same books. Stupid blonde idiot. Bah.
Also, Mr. freakin' Darcy. Just because...enough, already.

With which character do you most identify?
Hmm. ~thinks~
~smile~ Obvious answer, I guess, but each of the Endless in the Sandman books. But then, who doesn't?

With which character would you most like to have an affair?
Hmm. ~thinks~ A young Sirius Black (Harry Potter) perhaps?
There's a really painfully obvious answer I could give but I won't because it would be bad form. ~g~

Who would be your ideal literary dining companions?
You mean writers, right? God, the horror. No way. All my favourite authors are awful awful people.

What is the worst screen adaptation?
I never seem to have a problem with screen adaptations. ~shrug~

What is your most embarrassing passage?
~blinks~ Yes, I laughed at the question. I am five years old. Anyway.
Not embarrassed by anything I've read, I don't think. As for things I've written, well, once you start putting your fantasies about people you know up on LiveJournal I don't think you can find anything you've written that embarrassing. Heh. *Ihavenoshame*

Name three desert island choices?
Eddings' series, and probably Discworld as well, and the Bill Bryson books.

What is your favourite poem?
I have many. 'Tamer And Hawk' by Thom Gunn, though, always at the top of the list.

Which book changed your life?
'Take It Like A Man' - Boy George's autobiography. Not joking at all, it absolutely turned my whole life upside down back in 1995/6.

Which book would you make compulsory reading?
Very probably 'The Toll Bridge' by Aidan Chambers. Truly extraordinary book.


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