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1) If you could be instantly fluent in one other language that you currently do not read or speak, which would it be?
Um. Italian, I think. It's the most beautiful language.

2) If you could have the starring role in any film already made, what would it be?
Brian Slade in Velvet - no, wait. Sarah in Labyrinth. Duh.

3) If you could receive one small package this very moment, who would it be from and what would be in it?
Hmm...a homemade compilation tape or CD from someone. grahamb or wildeabandon, I think.

4) If you could own one painting from any collection in the world but were not able to sell it, which work of art would you select?
Either 'April Love' or 'L'Ecole Du Platon' - can't for the life of me remember who either of them are by though.

5) If you were instantly able to play one musical instrument perfectly that you never have played before, what would it be?

6) If you could possess one supernatural ability, what would it be?

7) If you had to choose the most valuable thing you ever learned what would it be?
At the moment it's that no relationship is perfect, not even the ones you envy more than you can express. I must remember that.

8)If you could have only one piece of furniture in your house, what would it be?
Um. A really nice, really big and lovely sofabed. Somewhere to sit and read in the day, somewhere comfortable to sleep at night.

9) If you could read the private diary of someone you know personally, whose diary would it be?
I'd like to say "I'd never do that" but given that the power I want is telepathy...
So, um. kitty_goth, probably. But I'd never do it without anyone's consent.

10) If you could have one person you know as your slave well-paid and cared for domestic laborer for one month, who would it be?
~falls over laughing~ Ahem. ~helpless giggles~ Never mind. The, um. The very pretty boy I wrote that piece about. Yes. ~nod~
~laughs more~

11) If you could choose the way you will die, how would you want it to happen?
Slowly, delightfully, and at the hands of someone interesting.

12) If you could wake up tomorrow to learn that the major newspaper headlines were about you, what would you want them to say?
Something bizarre and unlikely, like "Emily rescues Irishman from witch", or "Emily finds unicorns under staircarpet".

13) If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
Straight to the music shops, I think.

14) If you could choose the music at your funeral, what would it be, and who would play it?
I'm not going to die, but, 'Tiger Tiger' by Duran Duran.

15) If you could take away the vocal cords of any person, who would it be?
~laughs~ Oh god, the bliss and joy...um, probably Jennifer Lopez. Or perhaps Ja Rule.

16) If you had to describe your idea of the perfect mate, how would you do it?
I don't think there's one person who's perfect for me...if there is then I do know who it is, but it would be better not saying, I think. He probably disagrees with me, anyway.

17) If you had to have a personal friend redecorate your house, who would you pick to do it?
Hmm...nisaba - she's good at finding beautiful things...

18) If you had to choose the worst home you've ever lived in, which one was it?
Well, all my homes have been lovely, so the worst time away from home was...probably when I stayed in Cambridge University for the choral scholarship, actually. Heh.

19) If you could have prevented one thing from happening between you and a friend, what would it have been?
So many bad things have had positive consequences as well...and quite a few bad things have been inevitable...hmm.
Oh. Oh, yes. I wouldn't have fallen out with my best friend before she died.

20) If you could learn the total number of hours you have spent in your life doing one thing, what would it be?
Listening to music. ~s~

21) If you had to describe yourself as a child in one word, what would it be?
Um. "Brilliant". Does that make me boastful? ~g~

22) If you could own a single prop from any film ever made what would you choose?
Very possibly Alex's dagger-cane from A Clockwork Orange, or perhaps the brooch from Velvet Goldmine simply for fangirl points. ~g~ I do own tiny bits of the set from Interview With The Vampire, actually...


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