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You remember those jokes you read as a kid...

...well, perhaps you don't, but I do.

This evening was just like them.
* You're going to a film night... Hooray!
*...of David Lynch stuff that's going to freak the fuck out of you. Sigh.

* Before the film night, you go to find something to eat. You find a reasonably priced Chinese restaurant... Hooray!
* ...which doesn't open until six. It's quarter past five, and you're being picked up at 7:15. Sigh.

* You manage to get in at six and get out in time... Hooray!
* ...but it's raining and cold and the guy picking you up is late. Sigh.

* He does get there fairly soon, and says he's going to pick up X, someone whom you were hoping was going to be there... Hooray!
* ...he then says that Y, the guy you're not quite in love with, and his girlfriend Z will be there, too. Sigh.

* You do indeed pick up X... Hooray!
* ...but he's already said he probably won't stay that long. Sigh.

* You get there and so do Y and Z, but you find that you're not jealous of Z being with Y... Hooray!
* ...because you're too busy being jealous of Y being with Z. Sigh.

* X in fact decides to stay for the whole night... Hooray!
* ...most of which he spends curled up with Z. Not really a problem but you're feeling very upset about an ex and you could have done with just a quiet hug or two. Sigh.

* After the Lynch things which screwed with your head and scared you, people decide to put on Dune just for you because of Sting in swimming trunks... Hooray!
* ...but the bit you'd forgotten with the BeneGesserit woman who has a finger ring with a needle built in brings back memories and you find yourself in tears. Sigh.

* On your way home you get a couple of sweet text messages from X... Hooray!
* ...but as you think about it you realise how long it will be before you see him again. Sigh.

Well, it amused me, anyway. I did have a good night though, and many thanks to surje for letting me come along and to the ever-wonderful excelsis for taking me and putting up with random tears and stuff. ~hugs~

Love you all,


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