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A scene from 'The Kindly Ones', boox IX in the Sandman series.

Nuala : I am truly, truly sorry...
Dream : Please, Nuala. No more apologies.
Nuala : Yes. Of course. Sorry. ... Um. Sorry I said "sorry", I mean. Sorry.

Dream : Before I take my farewell of you, Nuala, there is one thing left for me to do, is there not?
Nuala : Is there?
Dream : I still owe you a boon, lady.
Nuala : Well...

Dream : Did you have a particular boon in mind? When you summoned me here?
Nuala : I wanted you to stay, I... ... I wanted you to love me.

Dream : And do you think that love is a gift? Like a bauble, or a trinket? Something I can reach into a pouch and present to you?
Nuala : I gave all my love to you. Years ago.
Dream : Did you? I did not realize... ... On reflection, while I cannot give you the thing itself, I could give you a dream of my love.

Nuala : I already have that, my lord. ... Please go.

I find it very hard to believe how much this echoes what happened to me. I know that's what makes the Sandman books so powerful and enchanting, but. I can't help thinking that maybe there was some truth in what someone said to me once, that I only fell in love with the man because there was so much of Dream in him, and in the end it was the Dream-like aspects of him that drove me away.

Sorry to clutter. I probably won't be back again today though.


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