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Calling was...well, mixed, which I believe I've mentioned is happening to me often at the moment. ~s~
I did dance, though not much as most of the things being played were things I really didn't like...dancing with nisaba and Vince is always a delight though. nisaba was very lovely all evening. ~hugs~
I needed it, as last night giolla was there...it wasn't as bad as it could have been, though; in fact the most angst of the evening was about someone else entirely, so there you go.
Lovely to be there with excelsis and to chat to mrph and davefish, both of whom were also being lovely at me...saw an emarkienna, too, but I was much too shy to say more than a few words. Heigh ho.

Oh, the angst. Right, well I'm off to read Sandman books, in the hope that I'll forget the things that hurt, just for a while.


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