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Miaow. ~waves a paw~

Well. I had a dream that I went to Spain (I think) with a bunch of the Cambridge people, sashajwolf, simondraycott, aegidian, asrana and a couple of kids from my prep school.
On the bus on the way there zotz asked me various questions which were actually relevant to my waking life (something that rarely happens in my dreams) and grahamb managed to get random awful early 90s songs stuck in my head for the entire journey. Yes. I know.
We got there and the kids from my prep school were being horrible (as usual) and I had a small freakout and sat talking to sashajwolf for a bit. There were only a few beds available at the place and everyone had to share a double bed with two other people. I mentioned thinking it would be sensible to share with asrana but then realised she'd be with aegidian; then Vince came in on the other side of the room and sashajwolf asked if I'd like to share with him. Just as I was about to squeak that yes, I'd love to, but he'd never agree to it and don't you dare ask him, he came straight over and knelt at my feet. ~g~ He asked if I'd like to share with him and his sister, and then realised he'd left the bag with his clothes in on the bus so he had to go and get it. At which point sashajwolf told me she was jealous and she wished I could share with her, but I couldn't because of [things on DeadJournal which I can't talk about].
Unfortunately I woke up before I actually got to share a bed with Vince and his sister, but it was nevertheless pretty cool. ~grin~

Anyway. Then I woke earlier than I'd expected, got e-mails which made me smile (getting to be something of a habit), and, well. Stuff. I love people. ~nod~

Now I have to get the image of Vince kneeling at my feet out of my mind so I can actually concentrate and do stuff. ~g~

A - Age: 18
B - band: Duran, Erasure, and very probably Apoptygma Berzerk.
C - Choice Of Meat: Chicken. (Well, anything obvious is too obvious, so...)
D - Dream Date: See this post, or possibly this one. ~g~ ~halo~
E - Excites You: ...oh, honestly, it's too easy, isn't it?
F - Favourite Food: Don't really have one...lots of things are good. ~shrug~
G - Greatest Gift: What, ever? Possibly tickets to see my band, or indeed to see Culture Club, The Human League and Heaven 17 one year.
H - Happiest Day Of Your Life: The day I saw giolla again and managed to drag him back here. Probably. Ouch.
I - Internal conflicts: Oh, the angst! ~laughs~ I am a shy exhibitionist, a celibate whore, an anti-social attention-seeker, a squeamish girl with a blood fetish. Go figure.
J - Jealous: Yes. Of many people.
K - Kool Aid: Ick, ick, and further, ick. (But it could be worse, it could be Dr. Pepper)
L - Love: Lots and lots of things and people.
M - Most Valuable Thing You Own: In money terms, probably the silver dressing-table set my grandmother left me. To me, well...my record collection.
N - Name: Emily. ~sigh~ Apparently I hate my name again today. Um. Kitten. Call me kitten.
O - Outfit I Love: If it's black and long and preferably floaty, it's good.
P - Pizza Topping: Hawaiian or American. ~shrug~
Q - Question I want to ask: "I've noticed you around...I find you very attractive...
...would you go to bed with me?
But seriously...
R - Roots: England, Wales, Poland and The Ukraine. At least, I assume that's what you mean.
S - Sport to watch: Ice dancing. Or, er, Quidditch. ~g~ I am five.
T - TV show: Eh. Buzzcocks, and TOTP2, and that sort of thing.
U - Unique habits: ~laughs~ I think the amount and intensity with which I love people is pretty unique, actually. But I don't know about anything else.
V - View from the window: Scaffolding and broken windows. It is not the nicest area. And the builders are still here. Bah.
W - Weather I Love: Sunny winter mornings, summer storms, well, storms of any kind...
Y - Yesterday's best meal: Hey, I had breakfast with excelsis and lunch with wildeabandon...both were great and I love both of them. ~smile~
Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini. Very, very, Gemini.

Mwah! ~blows kisses~
Cambridge, bounce!


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