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Had a very lovely day with excelsis, who is great and wonderful and agrees with me to an extent about Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movie. Oh, yes.

And I'm now sitting giggling at my phone. I've often advised people to turn their phones off when they're planning on getting drunk, but I'm kind of glad this boy hasn't, because his text messages are making me smile and want to hug him. But he's a ways away now. Ah well. See him soon. ~smile, bounce~

Happy kitten. Looking after herself. "Or else". ~looks at phone and laughs~ Bless.

Later : Oh, this has been fun. ~kitten plays with ball of string~ My god, perhaps alcohol does have its uses after all...
Even later : But tomorrow it won't even be a memory, except to me. That's kind of a shame.
I suppose that's what I dislike about alcohol, really. Not what it makes people do or say (or indeed text, heh) but that it makes them forget about it in the morning.
Ah well. I'll live. And it's still been fun. ~g~

Later still : Oh, I think I screwed up. I didn't mean to. Wake up and read this and know I'm sorry, 'cause I am.
And yet later : Or perhaps not. ~laughs~ A strange night. But a good one.


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