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Well, that could have been worse. At least I appear to have some kind of job. And I didn't mess it up.
So hey.

Got home - eventually - to a kind text message I'd on the whole rather not have had, an e-mail it's impossible to reply to which therefore breaks the only line that was holding me to happiness, and an LJ post that suggests that the guy I'm almost but not quite in love with is more similar to the guy I was/am in love with than I thought, in a really quite bad way. None of this was cheering.

It was a good e-mail conversation, I'm sorry it's over. I think I'm going to go and cry now. It was all that mattered over the last two days. Everything would have been pure hell otherwise. Now the words have stopped and the silence opens the door to let the hell in.
Don't mind this post, I'm just tired and emotional. ~sigh~ Really.

It's late, so I can say I love you. I do. I've mentioned this before. But it's nothing to be alarmed about.

I hurt.


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