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Oh, yes, and for anyone who knew where it was, my DeadJournal is back. (Please, the people who were so upset about it before - if there's anything left visible that still makes you angry, just tell me where it is and I'll get rid of it.)

It was deleted for ages and now looking at the last few entries, I can't even remember who or what they were about. I think I'll have to start annotating them somehow so I don't forget...~s~

I need it again, there are too many people in my life who are too important to me, and there's too much I want to say to them that I'm just not allowed to. So hey.

Later : I wish I knew another word for this, other than "love". That's a word that makes people nervous, though it shouldn't, and it's also a little bit...well, serious, for what I feel at times like this. This is just wanting to run out and hug the nearest random stranger until they squeak simply because someone you like is so utterly, utterly great. But I think I'm stuck at saying I "love" them, because I don't think there's anything else.


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