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Things are....better.

~snickers YET AGAIN at the title of John's first album~


ANYway. I got resubbed to tarnishedhalo - PARTY!PARTY!PARTY!

Um...G'N'R made someone smile.

Chris is on Y!M.
Alisa was on Y!M.
Shao is on Y!M.
I am also on Y!M.

We had a French play today and OH MY GOD you should have seen one of the actors. Mary-Anne and I - yes, two of us - hung around for AGES trying to think of a question to ask her before leaving in fits of giggles. Oh dear.

I have a new favourite quote! Tim Kessler in today's NME wrote :
"Punk was started in this country out of a clothes shop."

How freakin' cool is that???

I love life. (Sometimes.)


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