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It's really very frustrating not having anything to create decent LJ icons in any more...ah well. I'll just have to make do.
Oh yeah, and I have a new icon, 'cause I was bored of my 'Still the prettiest' one...

~sigh~ I think I'm going to lose it again in a minute. I've got to get to work tomorrow, somehow, with my heels in the state they are. It sounds like nothing at all but I really don't know how I'm going to manage. It hurts.
I also can't afford to eat. Or, I should say, I can't afford to eat for this week if I go to Cambridge for The Calling. I don't want to miss The Calling, and I know I can easily go a week without food, but it's still kind of not good, y'know?

I'm tired, I'm cold, I want to curl up with someone. But I have to clean the house because the cleaning lady comes tomorrow, and the people I'd like to curl up with are all far enough away that getting to them isn't an option, and they're busy, anyway.
And having something warm to eat would really make me feel better, but unfortunately that's not an option either.

And walking into a room where the guy you like is talking to his girlfriend isn't any less painful when it happens online.


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