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It's a guy thing, isn't it? It's somewhere in the Guy Code, somewhere near the bit which says that "Of course I understand that you don't want to have sex" means "I understand but I'm still going to ask for it over and over and over until you want to kill yourself to get away from me asking".
It's somewhere near that, isn't it, the bit which tells you that "I want to see you" means "I want to see you, your friends, your friends' friends, your friends' friends' tennis partners...hey, let's have a party!"

Yes, I'm massively overexaggerating, but only because this has happened to me too much lately and it's one of those things that really drives me up the wall. And over it. And into the fields beyond.

~sigh~ I may as well just stay in and let them sort it out. I can't imagine I'd be missed much. Grr. Grrrr. Lazy incompetent self-absorbed moron. Oh, wait...how many guys could I be describing? Hah.



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