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~nervouskitten~ Have to go and speak to people soon. Am scared. ~sigh~

Also, I'm worried I've upset someone I love more than I thought I had. This is silly, 'cause even if I haven't, they still wouldn't currently have got back to me, but I'm paranoid. I do hope things are ok.

Oh, and. Blah blah Apop cover of 'Enjoy The Silence' blah bounce blah.

Oh, and I [heart] A Certain Goth DJ, and I also [heart] A Certain NotSoGoth DJ.
Actually I love a lot of people who might describe themselves as DJs, but at this point in time I'm referring to one goth DJ who doesn't know me but writes truly hysterical LJ posts, and one not so goth DJ who's been being unexpectedly nice to me lately.


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