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LJ Friends survey...

Out of your LJ friends & friends-of lists, who...

... was born the same year as you?
I don't know, I think everyone's older than me, aren't you?

... is the oldest?
ergotia, I think.

... is the youngest?
Not counting myself I guess it must be chiriko and thechaosdiva...

... lives in the same city as you?
Too many to list, really.

... lives in the same house as you? ;)
Nah, just me. ~s~

... have you known for the longest time?

... have you known for the shortest time?
Probably davefish, now that I think about it. Although there are some people who I have on my friends list because I know of them, or I've seen them, but not spoken to them...

... do you think you know the most about?
Hmm. Well, asrana, that's certain. And then probably...giolla, dennyd, kitty_goth, excelsis and of course amitriptyline - not in that order, but roughly equally.
I, ahem. Won't mention the people I know a lot about purely from stalking them. Heh.

... do you think knows the most about you?
asrana, giolla, and amitriptyline.

... have you chatted with online (real time)?
asrana, shinysparkly, alisalohv, dennyd, giolla, wildeabandon (briefly), ciphergoth, dj_pooka...ok, perhaps I'm not quite the anti-geek, then.

... do you exchange e-mails with on a regular basis?
Well, I couldn't say 'regular', but the most e-mail conversations I've had lately have been with dennyd.

... do you love?
Everyone there. Really. In lots of different ways, but truly and very deeply.

... do you admire?
Most people for something.

... is the most gorgeoussssss?
~raises an eyebrow and pats the writer of the quiz on the head gently~
Having done the patronising bit, hmm. "Gorgeous" I would apply to few people on my friends list, and they are : ajva, trishpiglet, and valkyriekaren. There are many more for "pretty" and "beautiful" though. ~smile~

... is the most poetic?
nisaba, dryad_wombat, occasionally fluffymark, and of course giolla. ~s~

... is the most unique?
What a bizarre concept - almost bizarre enough to merit serious thought. ~g~ It's unanswerable, that.

... post the best pictures in their entries?
I know it doesn't mean this, but I'm going to take that as "has the best icons" and say that although lots of people have very clever and wonderful icons my favourite are wechsler's and nevla's, purely from an eyecandy point of view. ~g~

... have you cried over?
Oh, goodness. Hmm.
I've cried over : aegidian, asrana, babysimon, ciphergoth, countess_sophia, dennyd, excelsis, giolla, valkyriekaren, kitty_goth, moomintroll, olithered, pringle, sweetprince and wechsler.
There are other people who've caused me to cry, but over the other people mentioned, not over them.

... have you had an argument with?
I haven't had an actual argument in years.

... have you talked to on the phone?
asrana, aegidian, giolla, fluffymark, wildeabandon, dennyd, ciphergoth (though not for a long time now), kitty_goth, sashajwolf and a few other people very briefly.

... have you met face to face?
For "met" read "seen" : everyone but chiriko, thechaosdiva, rhindon, alisalohv, blu_dragonfly, coracaskia, purplerabbits, missflobunny, truffleg, lucylooo, sweetprince and mmmdraco. That may seem like a lot but it's quicker than writing out those I *have* seen.

... have seen your bedroom?
asrana, aegidian, giolla, amitriptyline if you count school. ~s~ I've tended to be showing off my posters of Duran Duran on all these occasions.

... have you watched a movie with?
asrana, giolla, aegidian, excelsis, wildeabandon, amitriptyline and kitty_goth. Though generally only on a small screen.

... have you ever eaten a meal with?
asrana, aegidian and giolla - I really think they're the only people. I don't tend to eat with people if I can help it.

... have you been in a relationship with?
giolla and excelsis. I don't think I'd call anything else a relationship, and I'm not sure about the first one of those, either.

... have you had sex with?
Nobody, for I am sweet and innocent and going to get that £2000 dammit.

... have you married?
Nobody, and it's not going to happen.

... have you made babies with?
Nobody, and it's *really* not going to happen.

... have you lived with?
Nobody for longer than a week and for reasons other than necessity.


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