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Not stalking, just...looking. Loving. Wishing.

It's been ages since I've been back to this website...since February, in fact. It might be said I've been being a bad stalker, but there's so much to look at...
(Oh, and. Camgoth website? Is that the same Gareth I know? ~curious~ Anyway...)

So now I'm back here, looking at the photographs that led me to one of my best friends, and reading. Because I didn't read, when I was last here. But, it seems, I should have.

And oh! Look! Pretty lyrics... ~smile~

This post brought to you by the "but he's too beautiful for it to have to make sense!" part of my brain. I'm sorry. ~s~ But he is.

Also, apparently I can sleep in my spiky collar after all. ~smile~ Which is good, if bizarre - I think at one point I did dream that it had gone through my hand, though...


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