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...and then it rained.

Very, very mixed couple of days. Particularly significant points :

* Danced with nisaba and Vince at The Calling. Also danced just with Vince. 'Discotheque Necronomicon' is now a song I like even more. Heh.
* Got very upset the following morning. Cut various things, including my face.
* I love excelsis. Who looked wonderful throughout the last few days (of course), despite playing a set at The Calling which made my head hurt. ~s~
* Speaking of sets at The Calling, the ever-more-lovely zotz's fucking rocked.
* Noticeable lack of me at Oysterband gig tonight. Got to the meeting place and found I couldn't stand half a second in the presence of giolla without crying lots. (Not his fault, I'm just very tired.) So I came home. In the rain. Walking, mainly.
* Bought yet another version of Duran Duran's first album, which makes the eighth or ninth version I have.
* Got kissed by wechsler, as he was leaving; he must have been drunk. ~sigh~ Was nice, though, if emotionally extremely bittersweet.

So, hey. It sounds better than it was. It sounds worse than it was. ~sigh~ I don't know what it was like.

Oh, yeah, and.
Imagine, right, that there's this big Event. This Thing, going on, that you've been wanting to go to ever since you heard about it. All those people...all those wonderful people...
And you've got the guy you want to go with. Like a prince and his princess, you picture yourself arriving at this Thing, and all those wonderful people stop for a moment to look at you both, and they're. All. So envious. Of both of you.
You picture it.
For days and days and oh, even more at night.
You've got a wonderful imagination. You will it to be real, you wish so hard. You refine it. You tweak the edges of it until it's. Just. Perfect.

You've forgotten it's not really going to happen, haven't you?

Haven't you?

...oh. You're cleverer than I am, aren't you?


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