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~wary glances at Friends page~

All seems to be quiet on the wrecking-my-mind front, so perhaps I can actually get a post in without choking on anything or falling off my chair...~s~

Got a text message last night from ladymoonray asking if I wanted to go to the Electric Ballroom tonight, and sighed. I'd really love to go again 'cause I had such a fantastic time last time. But it's been far too long since I last saw fluffymark (and - yes, I was coming to that) and even though I'm very very scared about going to a party at which I'll know all of two people, I'm sure it will be worth it...really I am...~frightenedkitten~

And I'll have a chance to dance at The Calling, which I'm looking forward to for a variety of reasons. (But not hopeful. Never hopeful. Heh.)

~blinks~ And, bizarre. x number of weeks not finding anything by The Horatii, and suddenly three things turn up at the same time belonging to different users. Well, who knows?
And, I mean. "Settle for Alicia"?? What colour is the sky in your world, honey?



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