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The world is currently not how I want it. The world is therefore bad, and I am sulking. ~sigh~

Poem by Langston Hughes (the first poem on the page)

Cats, No Less Liquid Than Their Shadows by A.S.J. Tessimond

Piano by D.H. Lawrence

I So Liked Spring by Charlotte Mew

The Uncertainty Of The Poet by Wendy Cope (because I know the feeling)

There's also a poem called 'Escapology' which, maddeningly, I can't find anywhere. And, er, a few poems of my own, but I'm not nearly arrogant enough to force those on you. ~s~

Going to curl up and try to take my mind off things...~dejectedkitten~

I can't wait to see you I can't wait to see you I can't wait to see you I can't wait to see you I can't wait to see you I really can't wait to see you...


"...They wait, obsequious as darkness
Quick to retire, quick to return;
Admit no aim or ethics; flatter
With reservations; will not learn

To answer to their names; are seldom
Truly owned till shot and skinned..."

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