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Back home now. ~smile~ Was a good night & day - very.
I'm always oddly noncommittal about these things. ~checks journal~ Yep...seems I'm not the only one. I'll save the tears for tomorrow though. ~shrug~

I'm tired, which isn't terribly surprising.

In a really cunning move to try to save some of my sanity, I'm attempting Not Reading Whitby Write-Ups. I hope people will be nice and send me links to galleries once they start going up, though.

More tired than I realised, it seems. Also more upset. I just don't understand people. And I don't understand how things that seem to mean a lot can mean nothing - why would they seem to mean so much in the first place? But who cares, it's happened before, just this seems to be the fortnight for it. (Will I see all those concerned at The Calling in a week? Why yes, I believe I will. Should be fun. Heh.)
Cynicism central over here. Thankyou for having me I had a very nice time hope you had a nice time aswell love from


And yes, before someone says "It's probably just a question of the way some people use words or gestures", I am aware that it's just a question of the way some people use words or gestures. I'm still upset. Go figure.

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