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"I wish the goblins *would* come and take you away...right now."

Decided it was about time to do myself another Amazon Wishlist. ~smile~ While looking through things to put on it I ran across a review and thought "Hey...I know that name..." - 'tis a small world and I didn't know that particular random catboy liked VNV Nation. But still. I get extra stalking points for noticing. Go me. ~smile~

Wishlist, however, is somewhat pathetic, at only 5 items. Surely I must want more music than that? ~shakes head~ Surely.
I'd tell you to go look and tell me what I've forgotten, but these things take a ay or so to appear on the site, so I can't.

Also, everyone needs to go and gets the Malibu mix of 'Silver Screen/Shower Scene' by Felix Da Housecat - it'ssobeautiful. And, yay! Someone with the 12" version of this Virgin Prunes song we've been going on about has come online. Yay! Music! Yay!

And soon Whitby will be over and people will be back and I'm not admitting to missing you as much as I do really I'm not it's just that listening to music makes me think of you and you know you're going to get written about today 'cause I was listening to 'Cuts You Up' earlier and I'm really sorry and I miss you please come back soon but not if you're enjoying yourself of course


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