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Yay! ~smile~

Truly lovely evening with pringle was followed by a good night at Electric Dreams with ladymoonray, shinysparkly, and another wonderful lady whose LJ username I've not yet been told. ~s~ Although the music wasn't too great, and was interrupted for forty minutes by a band who we swear were playing the organ music from the Vampire Ride at Chessington, over and over again, I did dance to a few things - even by myself on one occasion - and we finished dancing to 'Sex Dwarf' and left the club to 'Electric Barbarella', which is class enough to satisfy me. ~g~

I'm tired but slightly too wired to try to sleep, so I'm off to look up music and Harry Potter fanfic. Heh.

But, I love pringle. And, thanks to everyone involved for a really good night. And, I'm *so* looking forward to The Calling tomorrow! ~bounce~

Oh, and someone sent me information about the timewarp tour going on in December but didn't identify themselves - if you're here, could you please raise your hand so I can thank you? ~s~

Love you all,


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