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Oh, and...

1. Name the three movies that have frightened you the most. Feel free to explain why.
I tend to avoid scary movies, or at least, movies that broadcast the fact that they're scary. So I've never really been frightened by a movie, but there are two Buffy episodes that have terrified me more than anything I can remember watching. aegidian knows which ones they are, I have no idea of the titles.

2. Do you have an irrational fear?
Many. Spiders and hoods spring to mind. Oh, and clowns and (no, I'm really not making this up) evil rabbits.
I wish I was making that up.
~hidesbehindsofa~ I've scared myself now.

3. What is the scariest book you have ever read?
Never read a whole book that scared me, I get scared more by short horror or ghost stories, and that's probably Oh Whistle And I'll Come To You My Lad by M.R.James or a story called 'The Upper Berth', I can't remember who by.

4. Have you ever seen a film or read a book that frightened you so much you couldn't finish it?
Yes, The Picture Of Dorian Gray, but that was more my reaction to it frightening me than the actual book.

5. Was there something that frightened you as a child that seems silly now?
I've never been able to look at any fear that children have as silly, not even my own. When I was very young - three or four, I think - I genuinely believed that if I slept on my left side, facing directly into the wall, there was a witch who would come and do something dreadful to me - I can remember dreaming about her. I suppose that should seem silly, but I still sleep on my right side. ~g~

6. Have you ever had any encounters with anything paranormal?
Yes. The ghost of a cow on our front lawn. Really.
There are x number of bizarre things that have happened to me since but I won't detail them because there aren't many people who'd give them much credit.

7. If you made your own horror movie or wrote a horror story/novel, what would it be about?
~thinks hard~ It would depend who I was trying to scare. You can't frighten everyone with a film or a book - there are people who laugh out loud at blood and guts but run terrified from circus music. I'm really not sure I know, since I only truly know what scares *me*.

8. If you could be (or should I say had to be) any creature of the night (e.g., a vampire, a werewolf), what would you be?
Well, what else is there? Does one consider demons to be creatures of the night? 'Cause, fallen angels? Just, yes.
But, I suppose, a vampire. Though I'm not sure how I'd feel about drinking blood and...it would all depend on an awful lot of things. ~g~

9. If you could communicate in a direct way with one deceased person personally known to you, who would it be?
Sarah, my best friend from school.

10. If you could communicate in a direct way with one deceased person *not* personally known to you, who would it be?
Possibly Marc Bolan, just for the thrill of it all. ~shrug~
Or Lord Byron, or the real Jack The Ripper, I guess.


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