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Parents have been insufferable today, for various reasons. Imagination has been an unsafe haven for me lately; probably something to do with trying to keep a handle on what people *actually* mean when they say things. I mean, if some guy you hardly knew - this hasn't happened, I'm just pulling an example out of mid-air - came up to you and talked to you for a bit and then said "I want you to know, I'm very happily attached...", how would you take it?
You hardly know him, so you're not about to have been flirting with him. You do vaguely know him, though, and you know he and his - girlfriend? wife? have been together some time, you remember hearing that. Why has he said it? Is he drunk? Does he know who you are? Have you said something *he's* misunderstood? And so on. Too many questions.

Anyway. Rambling as usual.

I am tired, and it's only early.
I hate having to be careful about what I say.
I suppose I could just not be careful, but then I'd lose potential friends by telling them I thought they were wonderful, and things like that.


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