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I'm home. My dad's got the internet. Scared now.

I wish I had the ability to recognise what people *really* meant when they were talking to me. Sometimes someone'll say something perfectly harmless and it'll ring round my mind for months because I took it in the worst way possible.
Other, much more dangerous times, I hear what someone says in a much better way than they meant it. Only, of course, when it's what I *want* to hear. Doesn't help when the room is crowded and noisy. Doesn't help when they're drunk.

I try so hard not to misinterpret things, but you guys don't make it easy for me.

Oh, and people should never order me to do anything, either, unless they're aware of the consequences. ~g~ No...really.

Ramble. Ramble. Collapse. Bed now, I think.


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