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I feel like sheer bloody hell today, but I know if I cry it'll just make my headache worse. I don't want to go home because I don't want to move, at all, but I have to, and before that I have to tidy up the house for the cleaning lady.

I'm partly exhausted, horribly depressed, and really not very well. Yay! ~sigh~

Last night...was...not great. Though it was wonderful to see zotz and fluffymark again and to meet zoo_music_girl, ladymoonray, emarkienna, fluffydave, swisstone and several other people who I'm sure I'm supposed to know the LJ names of but I, well, don't. Plus there was someone there who looked exactly like Micko Westmoreland (sopretty) and I discovered the identity of one of the two people from Slimelight I was curious about.
Things just went a bit...weird. I don't know what happened, to be honest. But it first worried me, and then hurt me, and then chilled me, and then suddenly I was about to be left behind in a club full of people I really *didn't* know, so I took ladymoonray's kind offer of a lift and escaped.
I couldn't really have stayed...the music was 90% things I wouldn't listen to twice and 10% things I desperately wanted to dance to but was too shy. Heh. "Your reason for living's your reason for leaving" - I never in my life thought that lyric would be appropriate! But I'm sure Martin Fry didn't mean it quite the same way I do.

Anyway. I have a Chameleons track to download and miles to go before I sleep, and I need a hug, and, sigh.

Oh yeah, and, I have no internet at home, so if you need me, call my mobile.


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