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Oh dear. Oh *dear*.

You know how I said I was looking for lyrics earlier? There was one song I considered and rejected because it wasn't appropriate to the situation. To this one, it is. But. There are seventy-five different versions of it online (I hate that). So. I will tell you that it's 'Gimme Danger', originally by Mr. Iggy of Pop, covered by Ewan MacGregor for Velvet Goldmine.
~beats head against brick wall repeatedly~

I have no idea which version is correct, since I only know the one Ewan sings and most of it is indecipherable (the first lines sound like "Gimme danger little stranger/and I'll peel you a leek", which would be unlikely even for Iggy Pop). Nevertheless it *is* the right song for the moment.

Which is so wrong and bad.


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