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Stuff. And things.

I have a cold. ~sigh~ Hopefully I can get on top of it before tomorrow. Otherwise I will be very cross with the world. Sigh. I've a feeling I will be giving that dress from The Calling another chance to dance, as only two people there will have seen it before and in any case it spent the whole evening hiding behind a coat. Which it won't do this time, honest. ~shykitten~

So that's tomorrow. Saturday morning I'm going home, and coming back to London on Tuesday morning. Tuesday evening is The Calling (and many hugs for wildeabandon). Wednesday and Thursday...I've no idea. I don't think I'm doing anything actually *on* Hallowe'en evening, so if anyone wanted to do something...
Friday should mean asrana and shinysparkly, Saturday should mean a Hallowe'en party at ajva's, and Sunday should mean the James Bond exhibition at the Science Museum with asrana, aegidian and adjectivemarcus.
~deep breath~
I'm sure that can't all be right and I must be confused about something there...but that's how I've got it written down...

So, tomorrow night...meeting people I don't know in a pub I've never heard of to go to a club night I've never been to where they play music I barely recognise. And I'm really looking forward to it...~s~ I'm strange.


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