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Wretched builders...

I wouldn't mind but they woke me up this morning jumping up and down on my ceiling. No, not kidding. I'm sure there's some professional reason for what they're doing. Really, I am.

Once again a particular friend of mine has posted a link elsewhere that I think I'm going to be very grateful for...if I'm tempted to shout "RTFF!" at someone, I could at least do them the courtesy of R'ing TFF myself....~g~ Anyway.

Of your friends, who is the...

Prettiest: nisaba and moomintroll.
Bitchiest: Can I vote for myself? No? OK then, babysimon. ~g~
Sweetest: fluffymark, asrana, blu_dragonfly and nisaba.
Smartest: kaet and wildeabandon, I think.
Best hair: Oh...~thinks~ ciphergoth, usually, and I love the way wildeabandon has hers at the moment.
Flirtiest: I've no idea whatsoever.
Bad girl: Hmm...amitriptyline and wildeabandon I guess.
Bad guy: TPIQ? ~g~
Cutest: asrana and fluffymark.
Loudest: Can't think of anyone louder than me...
Funniest: adjectivemarcus and aegidian.
Most dramatic: Er, I don't think anyone beats me in that department, either...~g~
Most sarcastic: Other than myself, aegidian or giolla.
Most ballsy: Ritchie. Who I really Must Call at some point.
Go to for advice: asrana, sashajwolf and from time to time kitty_goth.

Word association:

Rubber gloves: Fairy liquid, and yes, I know.
Rock: Status Quo.
Green: Eyes.
Wet: Tears.
Cry: The Cure. Really.
Peanut: Charlie Brown, because I have no life or ingenuity.
Hay: Woodentops.
Hot: France.
Cold: Ice.
Steamy: ~laughs~ Well I was watching the Smallville yesterday where Clark gets locked in the sauna, so...
Fast: Speedboat (complete with animals with long ears...never mind)
Freaky: American teen horror movies
Stick shift: Cars
Rain: Rainbow
Bite: Vampires. Well, obviously.
Suck: Peter Andre.
Blow: The film of that name by Johnny Depp.
Hard: Scrabble. Seriously!
Extra long: Andrex, obviously. Though I wonder what they could possibly have been getting at with this list of words...
Limp: Bizkit. Clearly.
Needle: thread.
Oral: GCSE French. My god, how sad am I?
Honey: Kitten. Really.

If I could add a colour to the rainbow it would be: Black. Yes, I know.
If I could have sex with a famous person it would be: Well, nobody, because I wouldn't have sex with anyone, famous or not. Having said which, Sting, or Midge Ure.
If I could kill someone and get away with it, i would kill: Nobody...not unless they really wanted me to.
If I could meet one LJ'er that I haven't already met it would be: blu_dragonfly.
If I were in a band it would be called: Dandyrama.
If I could live in a country other than my own it would be: Wales.
If I could choose my method of passing it would be: Slowly, interestingly and enjoyably at the hands of someone I'm in love with.
If I had a child it would be called: Be glad I'm not planning on it, as any boy I had would be saddled with one of Vyvyan, Sebastian, Tristan, Tobias, or Sascha, among others.
If I could choose another LJ username for myself it would be: ...I have no idea. I have this thing about names. I'd rather I had someone choose one for me...oh, never mind. It's complicated.
If I could invite three famous people to a tea party they would be: Mum, Dad, and mum's friend Catherine. ~g~
If I could have one super power it would be: Telepathy.
If I could go back in time I would go to: Early 1980s, of course.
If I had to eat only one item of food for the rest of my life it would be: Yes, probably sandwiches, so long as I could vary the filling.
If I could take one person to live on a desert island with me it would be: asrana.
If I had to lose one sense I would lose my: sense of smell.
If I from now on, was only allowed to use one word it would be: Miaow?
If I had one thing I wanted you to know, it would be this: It's all about style, and as the new Clarks advert points out, life is just one big catwalk. If you've got it, use it...if you haven't, go looking until you find it; it's there somewhere.


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