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Yes, well, that was predictably angst-ridden. ~shrug~ Never mind. I survive, it's what I do.
And I have a picture of a kitten, after all. adjectivemarcus, I have rarely had anyone do anything sweeter for me. ~smile~ Thank you.

As I was moping on the tube platform, a man walked past me, and my eyes registered 'shiny', so I looked up. The man was, I'd say, between 50 and 60. He was wearing a PVC jacket and trousers, and gorgeous purple velvet pointy shoes. The kids next to me burst into giggles; I wanted to go and tell him he looked fantastic, but then the train arrived. I wonder who he was.

Heigh ho. Trying to decide whether going to Tenebrae for the first time is worth putting off my visit home by a couple of days. I suspect not, unless I'm told otherwise.


Later : ~squeakbouncethud~Thankyouaegidian!
Ahem. Never mind.

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