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Tee hee. This came up on AskKaty at dd.com while I was elsewhere. The title itself was enough to make me go "huh??" ROFL ROFL ROFL

did you hafta swallow?
I have a question that may have been answered elsewhere over the years, but I've never seen it posed, nor answered. In the "Hungry Like the Wolf" video, did Simon swallow the water that was squeezed into his mouth from that disgusting looking rag? Just curious! Caprice.
I ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW THAT TOO: "Curious or capricious- makes no difference to me. Yes dear it was a filthy rag if I recall correctly and true to say that as video director Russell Mulcahey yelled "cut" I did in fact spit the offensive liquid straight into the eye of the poor unfortunate sinhalese squeezing the rag.
werhoosh, s"

...did I mention that I LOVE MY BAND?


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